Know the Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine

There are different ways of differentiating wine, one parameter being between colour, either red or white. Even though color is the utmost obvious comparison, there are other key differences. Here are three key differences between red and white wine.

Production Process

Grapes undergo diverse progressions to prepare wine. When preparing red wine, juice extracted from the black or black grapes is mixed with its skin and even seeds before being taken through the fermentation process. That explains the wine’s red pigment. When it comes to white wine however, only the juice is extracted before fermentation.

Health Benefits

Wine is said to have health benefits on the body. Red wine consists of grape skin which contains beneficial compounds such as carotenoids while seeds contain flavonoids among other compounds. All these compounds are useful to the body. The white wine lacks these compounds.

Varied Alcohol Content

The white and black varieties of grapes have different amounts of sugar levels. The black grapes have high sugar content unlike the white grapes since the red variety are gathered when they are fully ripened. When the extracted juice from both grapes is fermented, the red one produces a high content of alcohol due to its high sugar content unlike those from white grapes. That’s why red wine gets you woozy faster than its counterpart.

Despite the outlined differences, people will still be inclined to one type over the other for their own reasons.

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